Recipe Creation Recipe

To create your own recipe, login and navigate to ‘Pages’ in the main menu. Add a new ‘Page’ and name it as you desire. Check out the simple WYSIWYG editor and follow the quick tutorial.

To format your recipe, please apply the following style guide (copy & paste into a blank page). Press ‘Shift+Return’ instead of ‘Return’ to insert a new line inside the same block. Note that each block is available pre-formatted in the menu ‘reusable blocks’.


Original Name
Origin Country

List of ingredients, measured in units like ‘tbsp’ or ‘ml’.


The recipe’s atomic steps, formatted without line breaks. Be concise.


Additional novel, useful or fun facts in italics.


When finished, check for spelling errors then ‘Publish’ your page and add it’s URL to the ‘Alchemy’ main page (which can be found in the ‘Pages’ menu). Press ‘Update’ when ready and you’re set.