How to Warp Grid

Hello there! Happy to welcome you to the team!

Here, you will find a quick introduction to Warp Grid, our tooling and techstack, as well as some required gaming in virtual reality.



Warp Grid is comprised of 3 teams. Team Explosion is responsible for the development, operation, design, art and sound of our games. Team Dragon explores game development applications of cutting-edge machine learning systems. Team Void keeps the ship afloat and handles business matters to make sure everyone else can focus. Teams are open to all.

Transparency is core at Warp Grid – all matters of importance to the company (direction, finance, legal, operations, development) are open to all to review and debate.



All internal communication is handled via Mattermost, external communication via email. Our games are developed with Unity and the Oculus SDK, the target platform is Oculus Quest. All code and our issue board can be found on Github. Further required software and tooling will be introduced only when and if neccessary.

Please make sure the required accounts for Mattermost and Github and your email address are set up as soon as possible! I apologize for the Facebook account requirement to access the Occulus headsets and developer tools.



To get started with your shiny cybergoggles and to get an impression of the types of games we’re making, check out these wonderful creations:

Rez Infinite

Pistol Whip

Beat Saber (Demo)


Not mandatory, but hight recommended:



Sayonara Wild Hearts (not VR)


Distance (only via Link)


Not really our direction, but awesome:

First Contact + First Steps (Free)

Echo VR (Free)

Star Wars Squadrons (only via Link)

Elite (only via Link)

Half Life Alyx (only via Link)